Wild Dreamer reviews for MEERA The Production (theatre)

Setting a new bar

Meera The Production, you guys are setting a new bar everyday. Thoroughly enjoyed the show & catch-up after the event. "Charu Verma", so proud of you little sis!  Author: Gaurav…

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A HUMLBING Experience

I've recently started my own journey through the performance arts industry, and have begun my pathway of starting my own dance academy - Kōhatu Dance Co, and recently [we] were…

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Absolutely Amazing

I saw Meera last night - it was absolutely amazing! Great costumes and dance performances. Well done to the cast and crew! Author: Amy Hurling Date: 1 June 2019 Source:…

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Fabulous show

Congratulations Shagun Choudhary and the whole Meera team. It was a fabulous show and spectacular performances by all the artists.  Author: Gaurav Sharma Date: 2 June 2019 Source: Facebook

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Spectacular Show!

Meera is a spectacular show! Everyone performed so amazingly well and the costumed were beautiful. Author: Bhavisha Ramji Date: 2 June 2019 Source: Facebook

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MEERA: Sparkling Love (Theatreview)

A combination of traditional music, various dance styles, and a cinematic backdrop, this production explores love in its purest forms and shows the sacrifices one will make when they love someone completely and unconditionally....

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