Acting as the bridge between up-and-coming artists and the professional creative industry, Wild Dreamer Productions connects local amateurs with trained professionals and the resources necessary for personal and professional growth. Whether your passion is directing a theatrical stage production or professional makeup application and techniques, we help you get the training you need from the real professionals across all disciplines, with hands-on experiences and immersive internship opportunities. 

Wild Dreamer Productions is the production house with soul, working with talented and passionate individuals all around the world. With countless opportunities for growth and development, our network is always growing enabling the next generation of creative professionals the chance to expand their artistic potential. To help people dream wildly.  


We working to be an internationally recognised production company with thousands of artists and creative professionals training and working all around the globe. By working to develop our creative industry pathways program and fostered learning and development of new up-and-coming artists, we want to help artists of all capacities, all backgrounds, all races and all religions with an underlying passion of the arts, to feel like they can join Wild Dreamer Productions to accelerate their development and be involved and world-leading stage production events. 

To foster the growth of the next generation of artists and creative professionals, working together to learn, collaborate, and produce truly amazing artistic works of expression – that’s our vision at Wild Dreamer Productions, our pledge to the arts. 


Wild dreamer productions

Founder's Note

To all the sponsors, partners, supporters and affiliates, to the volunteers, contractors, participants and interns; thank you for your continued commitment to the Wild Dreamer Productions vision, and for the hardworking attitude you display at every opportunity. Our philosophy rests on the support of passionate individuals from the local community, and without you, there would be no Wild Dreamer Productions. 

So from the bottom of my heart, truly thank you. Thank you for your trust, your integrity, and your eagerness to take a risk. It’s people like you that help keep the creative industry alive, and in return I pledge to live and breathe the Wild Dreamer Productions philosophy, to stop at nothing in expanding your human potential.