Connecting Local Amateurs with Trained Professionals

We help local artists get the knowledge and skills they need to excel in their person discipline. Whether its theatrical stage production or professional makeup application, Wild Dreamer Productions connects local amateurs with trained professionals for immersive mentor-based learning experiences. With strong inter-disciplinary networks spanning to countries across the globe, Wild Dreamer is at the forefront of developing the next generation of artistic professionals and showcasing their talents to the world.

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Wish you were a WILD DREAMER? We’re always looking for passionate and driven individuals to help bring awe-inspiring stage productions to life! If you’re a dancer, creative artist, or simple believe you have the skills to bring art to life?  

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Expanding Career Opportunities in the Arts

We work with talented artists who are passionate about what they do, but don’t know how to make it a full fledged career. Through creative industry pathway programs and fostered learning development, Wild Dreamer Productions is at the forefront of integrating practical learning with real-world stage productions for immersive and professional experiences. Whether your passion is directing, production IT, marketing, makeup, costume design, acting or dancing, we want to help all people pursuing careers in the performing arts get access to the resources they need to accelerate your learning and skillsets. 

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So many different acts performances, and a lot of different talent. It's going to be amazing.
Brooke Lin
Meera Dancer
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Stage Whispers

Wild Dreamer Productions is a recent addition to the Gold Coast Theatre scene and their production of Void tells a story of

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