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Art is a language, just like words, just like actions, just like symbols – the umbrella linking all types of expression. The link that connects us in joy, in sorrow, and ultimately in striving to become the best versions of ourselves ever imaginable. I grew up in Northern India – just like Meera, and I am the CEO and founder of Wild Dreamer Productions, shining a spotlight on local performers and escalating their development to the next level. 

As a mother of two and wife to my loving husband Dr Pawan Bajaj, my time is spent jointly between directing the latest instalment of MEERA the stage production, working with individual performers to elevating their artistic careers (through training, events and competitions) and running my own independent dance school; Navrasa Dance Academy. Art is a passion, one that is truly felt and experienced by all, and my aim is to ignite that love with the world.


With over 25 years of dance experience beginning since she was 8 years old, Aarti has extensive experience in Indian Classical, Indian Contemporary, Aerial and Pole dancing, competing at state, national (and soon-to-be World Championship) dance competitions all around the globe. With a Bachelors in Indian Classical Dance (Bharatnatyam), from Akhil Gandharva Mahavidyalaya University in Western India, Aarti brings her international experience down go to a local level, connecting with dancers from communities around the world and excel their development to professionally recognised standards through access to the tools, resources and people necessary for artistic growth.


Backed by 14 years of research and an entire community driving the production to success, Aarti is the mind and soul behind MEERA, paving the way for local artists to reach new audiences, engage with new talent, and expand the love of local performing arts to the wider world

Navrasa Dance Academy

As CEO and Principal of Navrasa Dance Academy, Aarti spends her time directing the latest Wild Dreamer production (like MEERA) and training the newest up-and-coming dancers in structured development pathways

Community Partnerships

Acting at the nexus between local businesses and talented artists, Aarti is pathing the way for the next generation of performers and creative professionals to get real world industry exposure. Learn more about Wild Dreamer Productions below