Meera made me realise my love for theatre

My MEERA Review Auckland

Thank you so much for getting us here and putting up such a great show. It was fantastic.

This what the first time I’ve ever watched a theatre show, and I personally feel like every single penny I spend on food or drinks every now and then – should not be wasted. It should be spent here because I personally feel this was just awesome and something I need to do much more often for myself, it was amazing, you guys were super amazing, good luck all the best to you.

That theatre feeling

The kind of feeling that I got into myself – it was fantastic. This is the kind of feeling that I don’t feel when I’m watching a movie or doing something else. It engrossed me so much into the show that I just loved that feeling – it was fantastic. I could feel like I was a part of the show myself.

Favourite character in MEERA

Bhojraj – he was my favourite. His acting was fantastic, it came out to be very real, someone who knows his acting – he was just great! Especially when he’s telling Meera that he loves her and it was something unconditional on his side as well, that was something which I really liked about him.

Looking forward to seeing you guys again and again, and thank so much for introducing me so I can come to shows like these, in theatres, much more often.

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