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The performance was powerful confident provocative sublime

VOID happened in June 2021 – Read the VOID reviews or submit your own review below!

“…The depth of emotions displayed by the lead roles, played by Aarti Bajaj and Lance Jones, was tangible in the perfectly proportioned Theatre at HOTA. This intimacy with the audience mirrored the characters confessional like dialogue. The sensitive use of lighting and minimalist sets enhanced the focus on the performance. Each Act had its own distinct atmosphere…”

“…VOID is the essence of human drama made more intense by the very act of the sharing of its power which comes from its intensity and intimacy. Revelation is deliberately confronting to the audience. They don’t get any relief, it’s there, in the face. Succeed in provoking deeper thought. Execution was flawless and this is the art of acting.”

“…As I sat in silence and listened to the buzz of the audience around me, during the interval and at curtain down, I was happy to acknowledge that Wild Dreamer had done something that I wanted to achieve in my own shows. That is to bring about conversations in regard to topics that most people wish to avoid…”

“…The performance was powerful, confident and yet conveyed vulnerability. Very provocative and yet sublime…”

“The story, narrative and acts implemented arts and creativity as communication tools to aware audiences about one of the most important social issues.”

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