HYPED 2020

Get HYPED for a whole new world of interactive kids theatre…a brand-new stage show produced by international theatre company Wild Dreamer Productions. Aimed at children under 10, this new stage production immerses kids in the fundamental habits of effective social development. Whether that’s tackling good vs bad decision making in teamworking exercises, the effectiveness of collaboration and consideration, and much much more!

Leading a revolution

We’re partnered up with some of the Gold Coast’s most seasoned entertainers; Barbara Prestia, Chantal Bryan and Toni Melrose, alongside psychologists from within the industry to debut a brand new live children’s show, helping parents and schools tackle emerging issues in a fun and interactive way

The Production Team

We’ve partnered with professionals across a range of industries to produce cutting-edge interactive kids theatre that will plug directly into traditional learning mechanisms

Chantal Bryan

HYPED Script Writer

Toni Melrose

HYPED Production Manager

Barbara Prestia

HYPED Vocal Coach & Sales

Monica Pema

Production Psychologist

Production Team

Executive Producer: Aarti Bajaj

Marketing Director: George Cary

Public Relations Director: Joanne Lalacci

Creative Photographer: Helen Selmeczy

Administration: Neat Tangkapipop

Aarti Bajaj Director
George Cary Profile
Joanne Rahn Profile
helen selmeczy
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To celebrate the official launch of HYPED, with the help of St Hilda’s School, we threw an entire event featuring distinguished guests, the creative team behind the show, and event a sneak preview of the show itself!

Full video recap coming soon – so stay tuned!

Teacher Resources

Are you a teacher and looking for an interactive excursion for the students in your classroom? Or have you already booked a HYPED show? Download the HYPED Teachers Pack and get the resources you need for your classroom

Containing show information, in-class preparation and a series of interactive games for you to do with your students, the HYPED Teacher’s Pack will surely get your students ‘hyped’ for their upcoming experience!

Learn more about #TeamHyped

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