Wild Dreamer Productions is a recent addition to the Gold Coast Theatre scene and their production of Void tells a story of the loss of an abducted child from both the mother and father’s points of view.

The scene is a local park where the mother used to take her 4-year-old daughter to play and on the child’s 4th birthday the little girl was kidnapped while her mother was checking her phone messages.

Act 1: the mother, Aarti Bajaj gives an emotive and moving performance as she takes us on a 14 year journey since her daughter was taken. Singer Angela Morriss assists in the telling of the mother’s grief.

Act 2: sees Lance Jones as the father and his take on the situation. We also see the spirit of the daughter (Ishani Wahegaonkar) dancing around her father.

Writer and Director Chamkaur Gill gives us an insight into the vastly different lives of these parents, separated by the loss of their daughter, and how they try to cope with this horrible occurrence. 

The very nature of the story makes this a dark and somber tale and not everyone can relate to the situation. Hopefully, Void will help people understand the upheaval this horrible experience has on everyone involved. 

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