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CEO, Wild Dreamer Productions

Advice to my 22 Year-Old-Self: Aarti Bajaj

An acclaimed performer and creative director, Aarti Bajaj juggles two businesses, a family, a medical profession, and her own artistic career. We grabbed Aarti to share her eight commandments of perseverance and prosperity in the arts.  This is what she told us she believes in…

Aarti Bajaj is recognised as a bold entrepreneur and advocate of the arts. Here’s her advice on how to juggle it all.

Commandment I
Thou shalt stand strong in the face of adversity.
While dreaming is easy, it can be tough to stick it out through thick and thin. As pressure increases, those who succeed are the ones that grow through adversities and difficult situations. Be a dreamer, but know the path may not always be smooth.

Commandment II
Thou shalt harness thy emotions.
Humans are the most evolved emotional beings on this planet. Emotions hold a lot of power. They can better us and help us grow, help us evolve. They can also hurt us. Be the master of your own emotions and do not give anyone the power to harm or destroy.   

Commandment III
Thou shalt wear thyself proud.
Love yourself thoroughly. Whether you are tall or short, whether you have scars or blemishes, wear yourself. Carry yourself with pride and dignity. The way you look at yourself will dictate how the world perceives you.

Commandment IV
Remember thy home.
Always make time for your loved ones.  Hold tight those who loved you and believed in you through all the turmoils and heartaches. They are the ones who will be worth sharing the glory with when the right time comes.  I love this saying: “A man travels the world over in search of what he needs and returns home to find it.” – George Moore.

Commandment V
Thou shalt cry. And thou shalt move on.
No failure in life is big enough to be lived with. Little hindrances or roadblocks mean nothing in the long run. Failures deserve nothing more than a few sighs and some tears. Wipe them off and keep traveling on.

Commandment VI
Thou shalt put family first.
Whether it’s your chosen family or your blood, family should come above all. When stuck in the deepest and darkest spot, it’s always your family who you can trust and fall on. Your family is your anchor, it keeps you grounded. And for those that are chosen and not blood, only invest in those who will build you up and celebrate you for all that you are.

Commandment VII
Thou shalt do it now.
Today is the time to start. Don’t leave your aspirations, hobbies and passions for tomorrow. Talent is overrated and to reach the top you need hard work and perseverance. Everything is eventually an acquired skill. Your today shapes your tomorrow.

Commandment VIII
Thou shalt educate thyself.
Education is not just about school or books. Education is what builds and strengthens us. Value it in every form. I strongly believe that those who remain students at heart never reach stagnation in life.

Wearer of many hats, Aarti, who founded Wild Dreamer Productions, runs her own independent dance school, and is representing Australia at the 23rd Annual World Championships of Performing Arts 2019.
To top it off, Aarti both wrote and directs the stage production Meera, playing at the ASB Waterfront Theatre in Auckland from 31 May – 2 June.

All photographs taken by Helen Selmeczy (Helen Selmeczy Photography)

Article also published by The Big Idea NZ

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