Meera is a bold love story from 16th century India, following the life of a young Princess on her endless, beautiful journey of love with the Hindu God, Krishna. A story told through mesmerising dance and confluence of numerous other artistic forms of expression, Meera is a love story like none-other…a show you’ll never forget! Thanks to the help of hundreds of local amateurs and trained professionals from the local community, this is a stage show with a difference…A show that shines a spotlight on some of the most talented individuals in the performing arts industry. Combining exquisite costumes, internationally composed music and next-generation scene mapping technology, this is a show set to immerse audiences all around the world,  and captivate the essence of what it means to truly experience the magic of true love. 

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In collaboration with some of the most talented performing artists, this breath-taking story is immersing audiences everywhere with mesmerising dance, beautiful costumes and state-of-the-art technology set to transform theatres all around the world, transform them into a world of true love.

Local Performers

Meera is brought to LIFE by local amateur and trained professional dancers, enabling a platform for passionate artists within the community to share their talent with the wider world. Community our lifeblood, with performers ranging from primary school students, lawyers, doctors and more, Wild Dreamer Productions is bringing together artists from all over the community and providing a platform to create new ideas, new skills and new friendships. Meera is the result of countless of hours of collaboration between these passionate individuals, connecting people all over the world, with one commonality – all in the pursuit of love. 

Hand-Crafted Costumes

From subtle props to elaborate makeup, and a stage set more magical than you could ever image, Wild Dreamer Productions is immersing audiences in experiences rich with colour, culture and and all things dance. “A BEAUTIFUL EXPLOSION of colour”…that’s how the Meera costumes have been described, and with all outfits for the show being individually designed and hand-crafted by teams in Northern India, these original costumes will be a sight not missed!

Immersive Theatre Technology

Transforming theatres everywhere, Meera uses next generation 2D 3D projection mapping to immerse audiences with breath-taking visuals. Similar to spatial augmented reality, projection technology turns inanimate objects ALIVE with specially designed stage sets to make you feel like you’re travelling through the universe with the young Meera. 

"Everyone in the production is really close, it's so fun to be on the stage together with people who have become my friends doing something we all enjoy. We're like family."
Samah Rao
Meera Dancer
"I am just amazed at energy the energy by Aarti [Bajaj] and it makes me so excited to be a part of Meera. There's so much to love and I can't wait to share it with everyone."
Barbara Prestia
Meera Narrator / Opera Singer

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