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An Outfit For for a Princess

One person’s dream comes to reality when many souls start visualizing it with same passion and integrity. The force of doing doesn’t lie in merely doing but its evident when it’s driven with zeal of inclusiveness and similar madness of making and enjoying the journey.

In making of “MEERA”- the production, I, Aarti Bajaj, have learnt a lot, evolved within multiple times and most importantly the journey that started merely just with me and now leading about 300 people along is very enriching and powerful in itself.  And I believe the power is in the INCLUSIVENESS nature of the production, its organic approach in making and portraying the passion and energy of true love. Multiple numbers of teams from Production MEERA are working tirelessly to bring this vision to reality and let me take this opportunity to share a little about all the hard work that went in creating the costumes and jewellery for the performing artists. 

A whirlwind trip to India, via Dubai. 12 hours of stay in Dubai which consisted of 8 hours of continuous meetings, 5 days stay in India, which involved touring of 4 different cities and approx. 18-19 hours of work each day.The physical me might have got a little tired by end of the trip, the creative me within was so enriched and excited and that was because there was this constant pouring of enthusiasm, commitment and a feeling of bringing something grand and new together that I got to experience from the team who was working with me tirelessly in India and back home in Australia.

Vaishnavi Jariwala, our beautiful, super talented gorgeous costume designer, who has curated all the designs and costumes for a large performing cast off 100 artists had done such extensive ground work and research for each of the characters and different dance genres. She completely understood the director’s vision and made sure her designs, selection of colours and fabric helped in enhancing the theme and story to be told. 

The main concept of taping through the hearts of wider global audience was well understood and received by her. Keeping the essence of story, which is Indian, she has very well managed to get the modern feel to it by her very thoughtful selection of texture of fabrics, patterns etc. Along with the contemporary taste, the audience will also be able to witness the opulence and elegance of 16thcentury of northern Royal India. This amalgamation of ancient Indian love story from 16th century and a  modern twist was a great challenge, but along with our amazing team of over 300 dedicated people we are aiming to unfold the magic on the 4th of November 2018 at the HOTA (Home of the Arts), Gold Coast 5pm to 7pm.

“There is only one thing that makes a dream impossible to achieve: the fear of failure.” 
― Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist

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