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7 Fascinating facts about Meera The Production

With less than two months until Meera performs live on the main stage at the HOTA this November, lovers of dance and the performing arts are flocking to book their tickets and secure their seats before all are sold out.

A story of universal love and passion, Meera harmoniously unites the performing arts with talented individuals from Brisbane and the Gold Coast to immerse audiences in a night of bright colour, amazing music and energy beyond what could ever be expected. A night that’ll never be forgotten.

From ties to the Australian Ballet to state of the art technology helping bring the show to reality, here are the 7 most interesting facts about Meera The Production:

1. 150 internationally sourced costumes in the show (Northern India)

With sequins and jewels galore, the costumes in Meera are some of the most beautiful you’ll ever see. From bright fuchsia Lyrca to regal gowns covered from tip to toe in golden stitches and sapphires, you won’t be able to take your eyes of any of the cast throughout the whole show. 

2. Meera was written on the Gold Coast, in English

Despite being an Indian love story, the whole story of Meera is told in English, with the entire script for the show being written here on the Gold Coast. By seamlessly lacing mesmerising dance sequences with spoken dialogue from the characters, audiences will travel on a journey of self discovery with the young princess Meera and find out what it really means to chase true love. 

3. 6+ styles of dance are used to tell the story of Meera

Love dance? Then you’re going to love this fact. To convey the inner-most feelings of Meera throughout the stages of her life, Meera features techniques from ballet, Indian Contemporary, African Contemporary, Tap, Aerial, Pole and Classical Dance. Rarely do so many different styles of dance converge in a single expression love, and this 4th of November audience members will be able to feel the love radiating from the dancers on stage. 

4. Ties to The Australian & Queensland Ballet

Zara Prestia plays Meera during her teenage years during the show, but when she’s not rehearsing with the rest of the cast, she’s performing in the Australian Ballet at events all over the region. We love working with some of the most talented arts on the coast, and Zara is no exception. She has been a part of the Interstate Training Program for ballet, received high commendation awards at Eisteddford dance competitions and even danced in the Closing Ceremony of the 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games with the Queensland Ballet.

5. The cast of Meera are all local amateurs

Dancers and actors alike, everybody on the main stage for Meera are all local amateurs or trained professionals collaborating together to help bring the show to life. Community is close to our heart, and by connecting with talented local individuals, Meera provides a platform to showcase their passions, expertise and skills with the world.

6. Meera has been over 14 years in the planning

Most have only known about Meera The Production for a couple of months, but only few know this entire show has been over 14 years in the planning by the Creative Director herself – Aarti Bajaj. Balancing her renowned medical career with her passion for the performing arts, Aarti is the driving force behind the production, working with talented individuals on the Gold Coast on everything from the choreography, narration, music, lighting, story, and so much more. 

7. 2D-3D visual mapping: the futuristic scene setting of Meera

Imagine sitting in your seat, but feeling like you’re travelling through the depths of a galaxy, through a royal castle, or along the Sabarmati River. Through the projection of captivating visuals onto 2D and 3D surfaces in the HOTA theatre, audiences will be completed immersed on a journey through Meera’s own universe, with mesmerising projections circling on every wall. With an entire series of scenes set to be projected throughout the show, the Meera theatre will be an ever-evolving landscape of beauty and passion.

You won’t want to miss this show of a lifetime. Book your tickets now!

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